Lewis E. Garrett
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Houston, Texas 77072

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Telephone: (281) 530-0542

Experience Record

Applied Imaging Corporation - League City, Texas
Software Engineer

October 1997 - January 2002

Develop automated digital imaging systems for genetic chromosome classification and analysis on Apple Macintosh computer workstations. Engineer for the primary PowerGene software application, MacKtype, an FDA approved karyotyping system. MacKtype Karyotyping workstations are used to digitize microscope metaphase images from which chromosomes are isolated, classified and karyotypes are prepared and printed for clinical diagnostic use. As sole MacKtype software engineer was responsible for 7 software releases of MacKtype. MacKtype was originally developed as a C program consisting of approximately 1000 source files and has evolved during my tenure to a PowerPlant C++ application utilizing an ODBC database interface. Development environment consisted of MetroWerks CodeWarrior 7.0 with PowerPlant application framework. Carbonized MacKtype in preparation for Apple Macintosh MacOS X.

Contractor to U S West DEX Inc. - Aurora, Colorado
Macintosh Software Developer

February 1997 - August 1997

Developed ImageLoader, a Macintosh application to bulk load graphic image files into the Saros Mezzanine document management system via Apple Events. The application was designed to load collections of image files such as PhotoDisc and ImageClub CDROMs, Multi-Ad Search 3.1 Catalog collections, or other user-defined art collections. Developed ImageLoader with MetroWerks' CodeWarrior C++ PowerPlant application framework.

Information Override, Inc. - Houston, Texas
Software Engineer

1996 - 1997

Performed installation and maintenance of PC network software and hardware for various clients from Houston, Texas to Orange, Texas. Developed a software package to quote Texas Automobile Insurance Plan Association rates for insurance agents using Visual Basic.

The ForeFront Group, Inc. - Houston, Texas
Software Engineer

1995 - 1996

Was responsible for the C++ development of WebWhacker version 2.0 for the Macintosh, a software product for offline browsing of the Internet. Used OOA and OOD techniques to design and code GUI application. Development was performed using MetroWerks' CodeWarrior C++ OOP application framework PowerPlant. Performed bug fix maintenance on version 1.0 of WebWhacker as well as GrabNet 2.0.

Kent-Marsh, Ltd. - Houston, Texas
Software Engineer

1994 - 1995

Was responsible for the final development of FolderBolt Pro, an integration of two Kent-Marsh, Ltd. security products into a single GUI product incorporating the features of both FolderBolt and CryptoMactic as well as new networking features. Performed all aspects of coding and debugging using Apple MPW Pascal, Assembler; Symantec C/C++; and MetroWerks' PPC Pascal and C.

Imperial Holly Corporation - Sugar Land, Texas
Systems Programmer

1990 - 1993

Installed and maintained all system software and utilities supporting a Western United States network of sugar refineries on an IBM mainframe. Performed SYSGENs and maintenance; performed disaster recovery planning and hot-site testing; established standards; provided technical support and training to programming staff; performed hardware and software failure diagnosis; performed tuning and capacity planning; authored important data center support utilities; and prepared hardware and software recommendations.

Palais Royal, Inc. - Houston, Texas
Senior Systems Programmer

1988 - 1989

Provided systems programming support in order to accomplish the merging of the data processing operations of Palais Royal, Inc. with Bealls, Inc. Installed and maintained IBM mainframe operating system software for Texas wide retail store chain.

Iota - Houston, Texas
Apple Macintosh Software Developer

1988 - 1988

Formed a small business to develop and market software products for Apple Macintosh computers. Utilized Apple MPW PASCAL and C; LightSpeed C; and V.I.P. to develop and market a flowchart drawing program called FLOWer.

HBO & Company - Atlanta, Georgia
Manager, Systems Programming

1979 - 1988

Was responsible for the installation and maintenance of all IBM system software for the HBO & Company Western Region data center in Foster City, California. Did complete SYSGENS and maintenance for all systems software products. Majority of time was spent as full-time Systems Programmer for Hermann Hospital, Houston, Texas client data center site. Established standards; provided technical assistance and training; performed hardware and software failure diagnosis; performed tuning and capacity planning; authored key system software components; and prepared hardware and software recommendations. Trained and supervised Assistant Systems Programmers.

Memorial Hospital System - Houston, Texas
Systems Programmer

1978 - 1979

Performed conversion of CICS/VS from Release 1.3 to Release 1.4. Installed and maintained VM/370. Trained and supervised Assistant Systems Programmer.

Del Mar College - Corpus Christi, Texas
Assistant Systems Programmer

1973 - 1978

Worked with Systems Programmer in installation, maintenance, and evaluation of all systems software. In addition to systems duties, was responsible for several application areas including student graduate follow-up, property accounting, and various student information CICS/VS programs.

W. W. Koenning Associates - Portland, Texas
Small Business Computer Consulting

1971 - 1973

Was responsible for analysis, design, programming and installation of applications software for IBM System 3 and Burroughs B700 small business computers. Systems included: A/R, Billing, Invoicing, Sales Analysis and Job Costing. Principal programming language was RPG II.


Corpus Christi State University - Corpus Christi, Texas

B.S in Computer Science December 1977 graduated cum laude, Dean's List Spring and Fall 1977. Career emphasis was Software Systems. Attended part-time using G.I. Bill.

Del Mar College - Corpus Christi, Texas

A.A.S. in Data Processing August 1976. Dean's List Fall 1974. Member Epsilon Delta Phi (Honor Society in the Computing Sciences.) Attended part-time using G.I. Bill.

Schools C++ Programming. CICS/VS Programming I and II. FASTER MT in-house training. DL/1 Demonstration Workshop. VSAM Programming. Using CMS. OS/2 Warp Version 3.0 Technical Fastpath. AIX Ver. 4 System Administration. Goal Systems Inc. DOS/VSE Debugging.

Publications "Primer on Artificial Intelligence," Creative Computing, March-April 1976 and The Best of Creative Computing, Vol. 2.

Computer Languages and Environments MacOS X, Carbon, C++, C, CodeWarrior, PowerPlant, Applescript, Pascal, HyperCard, V.I.P., ODBC, CGI, Perl, HTML , SyBase, SQL, Think C Class Library, MacApp, MPW, Macintosh Toolbox, StuffIt InstallerMaker, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Motorola 6800 and 68000 ASSEMBLER, PL/1, INTEL 8080 ASSEMBLER, IBM 360/370 ASSEMBLER, RPG II, COBOL, BASIC, FORTRAN, EXEC, REXX, EXEC 2, VM/SP-HPO, DOS/VSE, MVS/SP, POWER/VSE, JES2, SMP/E, CICS/VS, FASTER MT, CMS, REXX, VTAM and NCP.

Foreign Languages Working knowledge of French and German.

Military Service U. S. Army. Served three year enlistment. Honorably discharged May 1969 as Sp/5. Viet-Nam service 1967-1969. Paratrooper with 101st. Airborne Division. Military training as a Weapon Support Radar Repairman. Decorations for service: Bronze Star, Army Commendation Medal. Security clearance: Confidential.

June 2002